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Can hard-throwing Cabrera challenge Chapman’s throne?

Aroldis Chapman may finally have some competition for the title of baseball’s hardest-throwing pitcher. Of course, the Cuban left-hander raised the bar even higher over the past week. Chapman reached 105.1 mph Monday night, matching the fastest pitch since Major […]

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Nintendo shares plummet after investors realize it doesn't make Pokémon Go

Nintendo shares have skyrocketed since following Pokémon Go‘s release and instant transformation into global cultural phenomenon, but they fell dramatically today after investors realized that Nintendo doesn’t actually make the game. Nintendo put out a statement after the close of trading on […]

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Medical News Today: Autoimmune Diseases: All You Need to Know

Autoimmune diseases are some of the most troubling and hard-to-treat immune system-related diseases. They occur when the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body. Autoimmune disorders can be diagnosed wrongly or remain undiagnosed for years because many […]

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Terrorists may soon be detained indefinitely in Australia

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has proposed legislation that would allow for convicted terrorists to be held indefinitely in prison. if considered a threat and rejected rehabilitation. The proposed changes to legislation would allow convicted terrorists to be detained […]